About Greg Banks.

A Short Story
Greg Banks, described as “The Saint of Soul” has often been mentioned in the same sentences as Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. As flattering as this is, the New Orleans native understands the magnitude of this comparison and the importance of carrying such genius in music forward.
Growing up the fifth of nine children, being raised by a single mother in some of the worst housing projects in Louisiana, Banks views his childhood as nothing less than a home and environment of love. The absence of his father due to incarceration left Greg embracing the tough love of the streets, however this helped to create his strength, tenacity and perseverance. The nurturing and spiritual guidance of his mother helped to lay the foundation for his incredible drive and ambition, further instilling the understanding…greatness is not built overnight but it takes patience, a strong faith in God and the ability to believe in yourself when no one else does.
At the age of five Greg and his family knew singing had to be in his future. Greg would make a song up about everything and anything and sing constantly, which annoyed his brothers and sisters. Little did he know, he was developing his writing skills too!

When your greatest tragedy is a blessing
For some the devastation of Hurricane Katrina ruined hope and the possibility to emerge from the drowning culture of New Orleans. Instead, fighting to maintain that culture and integrity, Banks went on to study at the prestigious Xavier University of New Orleans. honing his craft and uplifting his mind.

“Hurricane Katrina took away all my tangible possessions but left me with my purpose…in the midst of devastation I found my blessing” -Greg Banks

Go get your dream
In 2012, with two bags and a dream, Banks moved to NYC to continue the pursuit of his passion, Music! Shortly after his arrival, he was introduced to his manager and this partnership sparked the evolution of turning potential into purpose.
Greg Banks has mesmerized audiences throughout NYC and the like, so it’s no surprise he was chosen by Deli Magazine as NYC’s best emerging artist. With his amazing body of musical works & his hit singles ”Your Love”, ”16” and “Brooklyn Girl” available on iTunes now , this phenomenon is causing a major buzz across the industry.

Fox5TV calls him “A true original”.
Deli Magazine refers to him as “NYC’s Best Emerging Artist” and Billboard.com hails him as “Our next shining superstar”, he electrifies the stage”!

When your influenced
Banks credits some of his greatest influences like Prince, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown (the list goes on) for creating first and foremost, the blueprint. Allowing artist like himself to know and understand, it can be obtained. Dreams do come true. But bigger than all that, they revealed the importance of sharing “your” individual gift and staying true to who you are!
Yes, Mr. Banks may remind you of some, but he certainly duplicates none.

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