Hey Guys, thank you all so much for your love and support! This independent musical journey has been a true labor of love. During every performance I get to share my experiences with you. we get to interact and create the greatest synergy! I’ve been asked so many times….”Hey Greg when are you coming to my city?” That’s the plan. For 2015 we are gearing up for a national tour. The tour will start with the east coast followed by the west coast and back to New York through the south! Our goal is to tackle this in the first half of the new year and we know we can do this with your help! This donation page will allow us to raise the funds to come to your city and make music history, INDEPENDENTLY! This way we can continue to create great music and nostalgic moments that will last forever. Thank you all so much, remember no donation is ever too big or too small, we appreciate it all!!! We do ask that you please leave your name and city after each donation so we may include you on a special thank you insert on my next album! Also if you have a venue in your town and you would like to see me there just shoot us an email and we will do our best to add that venue to the tour.

Peace and Love
Greg Banks

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